23rd September,  2018

Body Warm-Up Exercises for Musicians

Body Warm-Up Exercises for Musicians

Hi everyone! How are you? Welcome to the Blog of MusicBayside Oboe!
My name is Nuria Cabezas and today I have prepared a post in which we can learn warm up exercises to prepare our body to play. This post is part of a series that will include how to prepare and warm up our breathing, the mechanism and fingers, the embouchure, tongue and the body.

Body warm-up

The body warm-up for musicians is understimated and as a rule is not included in the study routines of the musicians.
It is very important to be aware and prepare our body and our mind for it, we will be more concentrated and we will avoid the development of tendinitis, back and joint pain, bad postures, etc.
The important aspect is to create an habit that could be included in a healthy way in our daily study routine.

Today we are going to see what would be an example of a body stretching routine that you can do at the same time and it will last for 10 minutes.


1- Movements down and up, to the right and to the left.
2- Circular movements from one side to another. First at the bottom and then at the top.
3- Stretch with our hand the neck to the left and right. Also forward and backward. Think of a vertical line that leads from the head to the ground and pulls us up.


1- Rotate the two shoulders forward and then backwards.
2- Then we do the same, including the arms bent at the elbows.
3- We will do exactly the same thing but with arms outstretched.
4- Stretch an arm to the side by the front, with the help of the other, to tstretch the entire part of the scapula.
5- Afterwards, we do the same with the other arm.
6- We stretch the arm up and bend it backwards. We stretch with the help of the other hand, standing behind our head.
7- We do the same with the other arm.


1- We stretch an arm in front at the height of our shoulder. We rotate the palm of the hand outwards and move the wrist backwards. We use the other hand to gently stretch all the muscles. Then we will stretch it to the other side too.
2- We will repeat the same exercises with the other arm.


1- Gently stretch the palms of the hands, one with the help of the other.
2- We rotate both wrists gently. To one side and to another.
3- We join the tips of the fingers and press our fingers against each other.
4- Rub the arms and hands to activate circulation with the opposite hand.


1- Body rotation from left to right


1- We slowly let our body fall forward, touching the ground with the tips of our fingers.
2- We are aware of the weight of our arms as we move them around in circles.
3- We come back to the original position slowly by slightly flexing our knees and stretching our entire body.


1- We open to the side with one leg, flexing the other and touching the ground with our hands.
2- The same with the opposite leg.
3- We flex the leg upwards, from behind with the help of our hand. We will repeat with the opposite leg.
4- We will strengthen our ankles and improve our coordination by staying on one of them with the leg slightly flexed and moving the opposite leg.
5- We repeat the exercises with the opposite ankle.

You can do as many repetitions as you want or work different parts of the body.
Also, would be nice if you do it after the study, rehearsal or concert.

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