6th January,  2019

10 Tips tips for getting motivated and achieve our goals with our instrument!

Hi everyone! How are you? Welcome one more day to the Blog of MusicBayside!
My name is Nuria Cabezas and today I’ve prepared a post with 10 tips for getting motivated and achieve our goals.

10 Motivational Tips to achieve our goals with the oboe! 

TIP 1 – Clear, realistic and short-term Goals 

If we set very ambitious and long-term goals, it will be very difficult for us to see an evolution or positive results, which will end in a loss of the initial motivation.

TIP 2 – Don’t wait for the motivation to come

Believing in this is a huge mistake. We must begin, take the habit and the motivation will come by itself.
There is a very interesting fact that we must take into account: A good habit or a bad habit is acquired after 21 days, so the beginning will always be the hardest but once the habit is acquired everything will be easier.

TIP 3 – Daily, Weekly and Monthly Plan 

With the help of these plans we will set objectives and obligations to fulfill. If we do not organize ourselves we will probably end up being less effective or we will end up losing the acquired routine.

TIP 4 – Starting with Energy 

A very good tactic is to start the work or study routine with the tasks that involve more attention and effort, leaving for the end the easiest. In this way we will make sure that we complete our tasks on time.

TIP 5 – Enjoy the time of study and rest

Don’t visualize the study as a suffering. Think about taking advantage of every minute and get the most out of it.
On the other hand it is vitally important that you sleep and rest enough to be able to perform at your best. My advice is to set the alarm at one hour and get up immediately when it sounds. The idea of ​​having a daily plan of activities, study or personal project will help you getting up with more energy and eager to start a new day.

TIP 6 – Learn something new every day 

Never stop looking for inspirational content and learning something new every day. It can be done by reading, listening to motivational talks, learning a new language, overcoming a fear … never stop growing inside.
I recommend the TED talks made by experts in different fields of knowledge that can be found on the website of www.ted.com

TIP 7 – Step by Step, visualizing the final goal

My advice is to start little by little and without stress. Wanting to change everything at once the first day is not a realistic goal. We will not succeed and will only create frustration.
Perhaps it’s better to do less at the beginning, but to create a strong and stable habit. Instead of doing a lot the first week and giving up on the second one.
Once the routine is acquired, from day one we are a little closer from our goal.

TIP 8 – Celebrate the small achievements and write down motivating phrases. 

We must not only punish ourselves with the tasks that we haven’t fulfilled or if one day we haven’t done what we should. You have to be realistic, assume it and start the next day with more strength.
For this reason it is also very good to celebrate the small achievements made along the way.
Writing what you will do when you finish an important task will help you to keep it in mind and for sure you will feel more motivated.
Search and print motivating quotes that you can always have around you!

TIP 9 – Spend quality time with people who loves you and with whom you share passions.

You can join the MusicBayside Oboe Community on social networks, where we post photos, videos, tips and exercises that can help you in the learning process with your musical instrument.

TIP 10 – Practice some daily exercise and eat healthy.

There are multiple ways to be in shape and it does not have to cost you a huge amount of money. Take advantage of all the available and free material that Youtube offers us.
Starting the day with some kind of exercise will give you the energy and positivity necessary to achieve your goals.
Of course, eating a healthy diet helps us to be motivated. At the end, we are what we eat and what we think!

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