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“A child who owns music is not poor. Acquiring music makes him a child rich in values and, above all, in possibilities for growth and development”

J.A. Abreu


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About Me

As Nelson Mandela said, I firmly believe that “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world“.
My passion for teaching and knowledge has led me to create an online music education platform called MusicBayside, a project that grows step by step every day.


Throughout my years of musical training I have had the immense luck of forming myself in institutions such as the Reina Sofia International School of Music, the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid (RCSMM), the Conservatory of Music of Zaragoza, the International University of Andalusia (UNIA), the International University of La Rioja (UNIR), or the Ossiach Orchestral Academy of Vienna. Years of learning from teachers like Hansjörg Schellenberger, Maurice Bourgue, Albrecht Mayer, Andreas Wittmann, Ingo Goritzki, Alex Klein, Stefan Schilli, Thomas Indermühle, David Walter, Lucas Macías Navarro, Víctor M. Ánchel and Christoph Hartmann, among others .


My career as an interpreter has given me the opportunity to offer concerts with Symphony Orchestras, chamber groups and as a soloist in Europe, Asia, America and Africa for more than fifteen years.
In 2012 I got the position of Oboe Principal of the Kwazulu-Natal Philharmonic Orchestra in Durban (South Africa) where a project of music education in the country’s educational centers was developed at the same time.


Currently I live in Spain and I am interested in topics such as online education, new technologies, personal branding and social networks, video and image editing and music marketing. Through my videos, blogs, lessons, lectures and pedagogical activities, I try to make music education accessible, flexible, personalized and innovative to everyone in English and Spanish.


My life has always revolved around music and thanks to its learning I have been able to have some of the most beautiful experiences of my life. With this project I would like to bring music to more people, facilitate their learning and dissemination and, perhaps, partially return everything.


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