24th November,  2020

MusicBayside Oboe Web, Blog & Newsletter

Hi everyone! Welcome one more day to the Blog of MusicBayside!
My name is Nuria Cabezas, founder and content creator of MusicBayside and today I want to introduce you to the new Website of the project www.musicbayside.com
I am very happy to share this news with all of you … after months of hard work the Website is finally launched.

All the digital content available can be found in Spanish & English. By clicking on the language tab, the change will be made automatically for you.

What sections can we find on the website?


Where you can find information about the project on the Patreon page.

Blog Section

Where I will publish frequently new posts related to the oboe and music education.

Online Lessons & Workshops

Platform for individual lessons and workshops. If you are interested in going one step forward than the free material I offer on the web, in this section you can find all the information related to the lessons. For any doubt or clarification do not hesitate to write to the email mail@musicbayside.com or through the contact form.

Tutorials – Videos

Section of featured videos on the YouTube channel. Where the most outstanding videos available on the YouTube channel of MusicBayside Oboe will appear. Find more videos on the channel www.youtube.com/musicbaysideoboe New videos every week!


I offer you the possibility to subscribe to the MusicBayside Newsletter to be aware of all the news. Soon there will be many surprises that at the moment I can not tell you!

Contact Section

Contact form through which you can get in touch.

Share the post if you like it and Subscribe to the YouTube Channel MusicBayside Oboe to be aware of all the news, there will be new videos every week!!

You can find more exercises and tutorials as well on the Website www.musicbayside.com where all the digital content is available and also you can subscribe to the Newsletter to be aware of all the news.

You can follow me on my Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
And in the the website MusicBayside you will find information about how to get Online Lessons and personalized attention. You can also contact me by email at mail@musicbayside.com.

Have you hear about Patreon? If you like the content I’m creating in MusicBayside and you want to support my project with a monthly donation starting at 1$, you can visit my Patreon page www.patreon.com/musicbaysideoboe, where you can find all the information about it!

If you want to see the full video about the Website & Blog of the project MusicBayside Oboe, you can find it below:

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