30th September,  2018

Hands & Fingers Stretches for musicians

Hands and fingers stretches for musicians

Hi everyone! How are you? Welcome to the Blog of MusicBayside Oboe!
My name is Nuria Cabezas and in today’s post we are going to learn hands and fingers stretches for musicians. This is a blog post that is part of a series that will include how to prepare and warm up our breathing, the embouchure and tongue, our body and hands and fingers.

The body warm-up for musicians is underestimated and as a rule is not included in our daily study routines.
It is very important to be aware and prepare our body and our mind for it, we will be more focus and we will avoid the development of tendinitis, back and joint pains, bad postures, etc.
The important aspect is to create an habit that could be included in a healthy way in our routines.

Today, we are going to learn what would be an example of hands and fingers stretching routine that you can do at the same time.

You can do as many repetitions as you want or work different parts of your body.
Also, it would be nice if you do it as well after the study, rehearsal or concert.

Exercise 1. Stretch the arm, raise the palm of the hand looking up and out and pull it slightly inwards.

Exercise 2. Stretch the arm and lower the palm of the hand, downwards and outwards. Pull it slightly with the other hand.

Exercise 3. Stretch the arm and lower the palm of the hand, downwards and inwards. Push lightly with the other hand.

Exercise 4. Stretch the arm. Close your hand in fist, looking down. Afterwards, push lightly with the other hand inwards.

Exercise 5. With the arm bent, rotate the hand and forearm towards the outside, with the help of the other arm.

Exercise 6. Press the thumb against the index finger, keeping the fingers stretched.

Exercise 7. Close the fist with the thumb, inside of the rest of fingers. Rotate the wrist down and out.

Exercise 8. With open hand and fingers stretched, stretch the thumb outwards in the opposite direction to the rest of the fingers.

Exercise 9. Stretch each finger separately, pushing gently upwards.

Exercise 10. Stretch each finger separately, pushing gently downwards.

Exercise 11. Stretch the opening between each of two fingers with the help of the opposite hand.

Exercise 12. With the hand stretched, rotate the fingers one by one and pull slightly out of each of them.

Exercise 13. Massage the palms of the hands on the inside, finger by finger.

Exercise 14. Rotate the wrists to one side and to the other.

Leave here below in the comments what exercises you normally do during your warm-up!

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If you like to see the full video about the Hands and Fingers stretches for Musicians, you can find it below: