2nd December,  2018

How to improve the Emission with the Oboe

Hi everyone! Welcome one more day to the Blog of MusicBayside Oboe.
I’m Nuria Cabezas and today I have prepared a post in which you can learn How to Improve the Emission of the sound with the oboe.

Exercises to work the emission of the sound with the Oboe

How is the sound produced in the oboe?

The sound is produced when the air passes through the double reed, producing its vibration.
The most important elements for the emission of sound are the air and the diaphragmatic pressure.

Preparation of the attack

First we take air and place the diaphragmatic pressure, the embouchure, the tongue.

Next, we slide the tongue backwards and allow the air to flow. In this way the attack occurs.
Common mistakes of the technique:

Common mistakes of the technique:

Mistake 1

Let the air go through the reed before the beginning of the note and then touch the tip of the reed with the tongue.

Mistake 2

Produce the attack of the note by hitting the tip of the reed with the tongue, instead of sliding the tongue backwards.

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