16th September,  2018

DIY Simulator for Oboe

DIY Simulator for Oboe

Hi everyone! Welcome to the MusicBayside Oboe Blog.

My name is Nuria Cabezas and today I have prepared a post in which we will learn how to build DIY simulator for the oboe and the benefits of its use during our study routines.

Materials for its construction

The materials that we are going to need for its construction will be:

– A thin marking pen

– An old staple


– A lighter or candle


Wooden sticks


– A pair of scissors

The simulator will be placed between the reed and the oboe and it will block the entry of air into our instrument while allowing the vibration of the reed. It also allows us to keep the fingers placed on the oboe.

You can combine its use with the reed exercises during the warm-up.

Follow the steps … it’s really easy!

Step 1: Block the top part of the staple with pliers and remove the excess part. We will only need the part that contains the cork.

Step 2: Cut the outer plastic part of the pen with a length of  5-6 cm.

Step 3: Heat the central part with a candle or lighter and make a hole with the help of a wooden stick.

Step 4: Stick the plastic to the staple.

Nowadays, it is also possible to buy the simulator for oboe in specialized stores. It is a newly created studio accessory.

We have our simulator ready! Now we are going to see some benefits of its use.

Benefits of using the simulator with the oboe

  1. We eliminate unnecessary tensions while we play.
  2. We strengthen the embouchure and diaphragmatic pressure in our breathing while playing.
  3. We improve our tuning and sound with the oboe.
  4. We are aware of how the emission of sound works in the oboe, through the articulation with the tongue and the vibration of the double reed.

Good luck with the construction of your oboe simulator!!! I really hope these tips will be of great help for you!

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