8th October,  2018

Instagram Raffle with Medina Reeds & MusicBayside

Instagram  Raffle with Medina Reeds & MusicBayside

Hi everyone and welcome one more day to the Blog of MusicBayside Oboe.

I’ve prepared a post in which we will learn 8 tips to choose oboe reeds with the help of Medina Reeds products.

If you want to see the full video about it, you can find it below:

Medina Reeds team want to hold a raffle on Instagram among those who are part of the community.

Raffle on Instagram

The prize will be a pack of products of Medina Reeds.
The requirements will be to follow MusicBayside Oboe and Medina Reeds on Instagram and tag 3 friends in a post.

Stay tuned to your social media in the coming weeks!

Good luck to everyone!