21st October,  2018

Conference: E-Learning of a musical instrument in the XXIst Century. Online teaching, Social Networks and Digital Marketing



Hi everyone! How are you? Welcome one more day to the Blog of MusicBayside.
My name is Nuria Cabezas and in this post I will present you a resume about my Conference entitled E-learning of a musical instrument in the XXIst Century. Online teaching, social networks and digital marketing that took place in Granada, the 29th of August 2018 during the 47th International Double Reed Society Convention.

I would like to start asking ourselves some questions.






How can we innovate in the world of classical music so that it reaches more people? What about the e-learning of a musical instrument? What can new technologies bring to the musicians in the classroom and beyond? What is a knowmad and how can we apply it to our musical world? Why is it important to generate our own value?

We will try to give some constructive answers that help us to look from a new perspective to the learning process of a musical instrument.
First of all, we need to understand that we are living one of the big revolutions, a change of era, right now we are immersed in The Knowledge Era.







The 20th century was a period of political, social and economic changes. There were also big changes in how people use knowledge and understand knowledge. As a result, this period is known as the beginning of the Knowledge Age – coming straight after the Industrial Age.

We are immersed in a new labor paradigm. Many of the jobs and careers that we know today will eventually disappear over the next few years. And of course, many other different ones will appear.

Now I’m going to share with you my own experience with Online Teaching.







I’m happy to say that I have the opportunity to have students from all over the world in the online Oboe & English Horn lessons that I offer through the MusicBayside platform www.musicbayside.com both in English and Spanish, and I would like to share with you 4 advantages of the e-learning and teaching system that I’ve experienced myself.

1.- It’s cheaper

2. Self-paced learning

3. It has a huge impact

4. Creation of a specialized community and digital content

Next, I’m going to try to explain the importance nowadays of a solid Personal Brand.







The business side of a classical music career is rarely taught. Most musicians, (and I include myself), learn in a process of trial-by-fire.

What is a brand?
We could say that “a brand has the projection of a specific image, lifestyle, or concept as applied to any business, person or collective entity”.
Kevin Roberts developed a simple but powerful matrix showing the difference between brands and Lovemarks as we can see in the image.

Let’s move on and talk about Marketing now.





Artists often feel uncomfortable talking about business, marketing and sales.
And that’s perfectly understandable because we were not told how to do that when we were studying, no one teach that like part of the curriculum when we spend our best years learning at school, university or conservatory.

For understanding this point, it’s important to learn the difference between Branding and Marketing.
– Branding is all about how you are seen by people, about the image others have about you.
– Marketing is all about making people to see you. About the communication tools used to bring that image to the world.

Marketing and sales starts with YOU. And only you!






For someone’s opinion, social media has become the new obsession of the 21st century but it is also important to know that social networks has many benefits as well.
If we use it positively, social media can help us to connect with our audience, and to enter into a conversation with people interested in our career.

And what about our Digital Presence?






We all are really lucky that nowadays internet offers a multitude of opportunities for classical musicians to represent themselves online.

It is really important to keep our digital profiles updated and relevant.

THE new concept of Portfolio Career, Tetrix or Lego Career.







The term portfolio career was first used in 1994 by Charles Handy. He understood that the working world was changing. We are seeing a huge change in the world due to technology developments and this also affects to the classical music world.
We need to be aware that it actually offers many opportunities for the artist.









As Nelson Mandela said, I believe that “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”.
My passion for teaching and knowledge has led me to the creation of an online music educational platform called MusicBayside, a project that grows step by step every day.

Currently I live in Spain and I am interested in topics such as online education, new technologies, personal branding and social networks, video and image editing and music marketing.
Through my videos, blog posts, lessons, lectures and pedagogical activities, I try to make music education accessible, flexible, personalized and innovative to everyone in English and Spanish.

The world is changing, we are definitely now in a new era and we are really lucky to have three spectacular weapons to make an impact:

– Music and arts
– Education
– Internet and new technologies


The revolution has already started in different areas of knowledge and education and I invite you all to think about it and be active part of the revolution in the classical music world in order to share it with more and more people every day.



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Find here below the full video about the Conference E-learning of a musical instrument in the XXIst Century. Online teaching, social networks and digital marketing: