11th November,  2018

4 Exercises to improve the embouchure with the Oboe

How to improve our embouchure to play the Oboe?

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My name is Nuria Cabezas and today I have prepared a post in which we will learn 4 Exercises to improve the embouchure with the Oboe.

While we perform the exercises with the reed alone, we have to keep in mind that the height of the sounds will be relative and it will depend in a certain way on the reed we are using at the moment.
We must play stable emissions, without sudden changes in the height of the sound.

We will use tuner and metronome for these exercises.


4 Exercises to improve the embouchure with the Oboe

Exercise 1

Long notes with tuner and metronome. Whole notes at 60 beats per minute.

Exercise 2

We will perform the same previous exercise but one semitone ascending from the initial note. The pressure increase will be done by increasing the diaphragmatic pressure and the air column velocity. Never by making more pressure with our lips, biting the reed.

Exercise 3

Afterwards, we will play the same exercise a semitone descending from the initial note. We will relax the embouchure and increase the diaphragmatic pressure to achieve the desired effect.

Exercise 4

Simulation of the sound of an ambulance. The three previous exercises together but at a higher speed. Central note – ascending half-tone – middle note – descending half-tone

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